Roulette – Ultimate Guide For Playing

Before you start playing Roulette, learn the rules. But first, know about two key parts of the game. When you go to an online casino you’ll see the roulette wheel and table. The online roulette wheel has a turning round part with spots all around it. The areas will show numbers from 1 to 36 and a color. In different types of games, you’ll see differences in a series of numbers. Once the casino dealer spins the roulette wheel, he throws a ball onto it. The ball goes around and lands on one of its areas. This thing alongside the roulette table will find out which number wins.

The table is a crucial part of the game. You can find this near the wheel and it’s where you put your bets. In simple roulette rules, you guess what will happen when the ball in roulette is tossed. You can make your bet on a number, multiple numbers or even pick a color. The roulette table will not only show a range of numbers, but also the types of bets. This list will have numbers from 1 to 18, then 20 to 36. It’ll also include Red and Black colors along with Even or Odd totals.

What is an outside bet?

A bet outside is a bigger guess that covers all the numbers in one group. The most popular are usual bets like red and black or odd and even. Betting on the outside is good for new players because it covers more of the table. They also give a better chance of winning, but with less payment. There are various online casino that offers a higher payout for roulette such as Okada Casino

Red or Black

Guess if the winning color will be red or black. If you win, they will give your first bet back along with the same amount of winnings.

Odd or Even

This bet is for all odd or even numbers on the table. Your stake will be for either 18 odd or 18 even numbers. Same as red or black, this bet gives back the same amount won.

High or Low

The wheel’s numbers can be split into two parts. 1-18 are considered low risks and 19-36 are seen as high dangers. This is a simple side bet that gives equal earnings.


A roulette casino table splits into three parts – this bet is for the whole column. The chance of winning is less than 50-50 bets but also gives higher returns at a ratio of two to one. Players can decide to play with just one, two or three columns during a single round. The numbers included in each are:

1st column: 1, 4, 7, 10, 13, 16, 19, 22, 25, 28, 31, 34
2nd column: 2, 5, 8, 11, 14, 17, 20, 23, 26, 29, 32, 35
3rd column: 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 31, 24, 27, 30, 33, 36


1 – 12 is the first group of numbers, the second group would be from 13 – 24, and the last is 25 – 36. This bet will be on a table, placed between the even money wagers and numbers inside. Just like a one-time bet, laying down twelve will bring the winnings at 2 to 1.

What is an inside bet?

You can find inside bets in the middle of where you play casino roulette. This kind of wager is made on single numbers or certain groups of numbers. Because of this, bets made on the inside are more risky with a very low probability of winning. But, this is made up for by a much bigger prize if they do win.


There are 1 to 36 numbers on the table and the player can pick any of these. This is a basic bet however, the chances of winning are low. But it has a higher payout at 35:1 Players can place can make a straight bet as many as they want in one round.


Split bets in roulette use two numbers next to each other on the layout. In this wager, chips go on the line between two numbers – for instance, 8 and 9. Winning split bets pay out at 17:1 – this is a bit less than making just one bet since two numbers are included. Here’s a good tip to keep in mind – numbers that are close together on the spinning wheel aren’t near each other on the board.


Street bets, also known as row bets, include three numbers in a line on the table. The numbers are all in a row, for example 1-2 or 4-5-6. Chips are set at the end of a line and under the first number in it. The payout for a street bet is 11:1 because the bet is based on three numbers.


Betting on the corner or square in roulette means you’re putting money down for four numbers. The little piece is put on the side where all four numbers join, for example between 8, 9 or 10 and 12. The payout will be 8:The bet depends on four numbers. Putting a bet on the corner can help you cover more of the table while still having better chances for winning.

Six line

Just like the name tells, six line bets cover numbers in a row. This bet includes all numbers on two close rows of the table like 1,2,3 and also 4,5 ,6 or even 7.8 .9 .10 ,10-came for example “some users are finding it difficult: here is another idea”. Here’s an alternative approach readers should attempt if they face similar issues… For this bet, you put the chip on the line between inside and outside bets. It is also in-between two rows of numbers for covering what you want to win. # The odds for a six-line bet are 5:1 – it could also be known as a five-number bet.


Also called a ‘sucker’ or five number bet, basket bet is only found in American roulette. The bet includes five numbers: the two zero places (0 and 00) along with ones, twos, and threes. The odds of winning a basket bet is 6: 1. But, there’s a reason why they call it a ‘foolish’ wager. The odds of winning in a small bet are low and it pays back less, so the house edge is much bigger. To compare, all other roulette bets have a house edge of 5.3%. However, the special basket bet is much higher at 7.9% – that’s more than usual! Steer clear at all costs!

Roulette Tips and Strategy

Learning to play roulette is one thing, playing it skillfully is another. So, many players want to try one of the tested methods for playing roulette like the Martingale system. We won’t go into much detail about the plan for this guide. Instead, we’ve listed some of our top tips for you to use the next time you play roulette online casino:

Balance Risk and Reward

Before you play roulette on the internet, consider your gambling choices. What we’re saying is, you have to choose how much chance or danger you can handle. There will always be danger, but you can manage how much it affects you by making different choices. We have said that some bets are better than others. This is because they will make you money more often in the long run.

Betting on a single number is riskier than betting on lots of numbers. When you take more risk, the rewards gets bigger. So when it comes to roulette strategy, the main thing you’re paying attention to is risk vs reward.

We can’t tell you what betting plan is best, so take your time to think about what matters most for you. Then pick the bets that fit in with them.

Take Advantage of Bonus Features

Our suggested online casinos give new players a welcome bonus, along with continuing deals. These deals give extra credits that can be used to play roulette and get real money (after you finish the betting rules). You may also take advantage of special features aside from getting bonuses.

You can get a 50% refund If you are playing French roulette when you bet on even money and the ball lands on zero. Understanding the rules of the game will help you maximize the value and also by taking advantage of bonus features.

Always Stick to Your Limits

The final roulette tip to keep in mind is bankroll management. Specifically, you should only bet money you can afford to lose. A bankroll should consist of disposable income, and each bet you make should be a small percentage of your available funds.

Implement our roulette betting tips when you register on the top-rated best online casino to play roulette such as Okada Manila.

Roulette is a game with simple and easy-to-recall rules. The results of a wheel spin always come up randomly, which is made possible by using Random Number Generator. When you play online roulette, it gives you a chance to have fun and make your chances of winning better. A sure way to make your game better and win more is by learning about casino roulette rules. It’s important to remember the type of roulette being played. All versions look and have similar rules, but there are small differences between them. There are various online casino platforms that offer high-quality games. You may check out online casino sites such as Okada, and Cleopatra Casino