Chess – Simple Guide on How to Play for Beginners

Chess is an ancient game that has kept people interested for many years. Chess started in India in the 6th century and has grown to be a game that requires planning, talent, and thinking ahead. If you’re new or want to get better at chess, this easy guide will show you the basic steps for how to play.


Understanding the Chess board

The chess board is an 8×8 grid, and each player starts with 16 pieces: one king, one queen, two knights on a horse or rook pieces, two bishops with special powers, and eight common people. The board is arranged so that every player has a white square on their right side.

Knowing the Chess  Pieces

  • King: The most crucial piece. If your king is in trouble, you lose the chess game.
  • Queen: The best part is being able to shift any number of squares in any direction.
  • Rook: You can go left, right, or up and down for any number of squares.
  • Knight: Moves sideways two steps, then one step in a different direction.
  • Bishop: This can jump any number of squares in a diagonal line.
  • Pawn: Moves forward but captures diagonally. In its first move, a pawn can go two squares forward.

Chess Setup

Arrange the pieces as follows:

  • Rooks in the corners.
  • Knights next to the rooks.
  • Bishops next to the knights.
  • Put the chess queen in her matching color.
  • The chess king then moves to the queen.
  • Line up pawns in front of other chess pieces.

Chess Objective

The main goal of the game at Okada is to trap your opponent’s king. This happens when the king is in a situation to be caught (“in check”), and there’s no allowed move to get away from danger.

Basic Moves

  • Pawn: Moves forward but captures diagonally. In its first move, a pawn can go forward two squares.
  • Knight: Moves in an L-shape.
  • Bishop: Moves diagonally.
  • Rook: moves horizontally or vertically.
  • Queen: moves horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.
  • King: Takes one step in any direction.

Special Moves

  • Castling: A special move involving the king and either rook, meant to protect the king.
  • En passant: A pawn move that only happens right after a pawn moves two squares for the first time.
  • Pawn promotion: If a pawn moves to the back line, it gets upgraded into any other piece (excluding the king).

Strategy Tips for Beginners

  • Keep control of the middle part of the board.
  • Start making your moves in the game early.
  • Safeguard your king by castling.
  • Watch what your opponent does.
  • Plan your chess moves.

Practice and Learn

The best way to be the best chess player in the world at Okada Casino is to play more. Play games often, learn from your errors, and study famous matches played by top players. There are many online websites, books, and lessons out there to make you better at what you do.


Chess is a game that gives rewards for waiting, planning moves, and always learning. Learn the basics and use these methods in your games. This will help you get better at this game. Have fun on your trip to learn about the complicated chess world and test your mind with each move!

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