Call of Duty – Improving your Skills

Call of Duty known as one among best top-view shooting games anywhere in world. However, just like the play station and PC version don’t have it. It had slightly changed maps, control weapons and normal level. These were simpler parts found in complex challenges for creative thinkers. Knowing these can make you play better at the game. Also it is about how to work with them while playing more complicated games that combine several strategies from other problem solving methods used by talented players usually ready for any challenge as they try figuring out new ideas never known before just like in Okada.

Game Modes

Call of Duty Mobile has three game modes: Many players, play against each other on the same team or battle it out in a game. Plus there are games with zombies to fight as well but most kids like multiplayer and fighting one another best. Here’s some basic information about each game type:

  • Multiplayer
  • Battle Royale
  • Zombie

Essential Tips on Call of Duty

Now, we’ve got the basics done so it is time to start learning things a bit more hidden about how you can become the winner just like in Okada Manila. There’s no full-proof way to win for sure, but by following these suggestions you should get better results. But remember not all said tips works every time so better try your plan and adjust based on the wins or loses. In a war zone, it’s true that skill is important. But there are many situations where luck plays a role too and even the top athletes get into tricky moments sometimes. Nevertheless, here are some key ideas to win in War zone.

Different types of  Weapons

  • Assault
  • Sniper
  • LMG
  • SMG
  • Shotguns

Improve your Game Skills on Call of Duty

1. Master Navigation

Doing well at call of duty games is all about your ability to move quickly. Learn to read and understand the map, to quickly know your exact location. With this knowledge, you can smoothly speed up or win fights quickly without others discovering.

2. Master Movement

In Call of Duty Mobile, there are many ways to move. The most used ones include sliding and jumping together like a bunny hop, going backwards while doing so – called backsliding, and canceling the slide whenever needed.

Learning the three methods and knowing when will you use them can make you an outstanding players in call of duty league. Besides the various ways you can move, it’s also important to know when most benefit comes from running, squatting or even lying down.

3. Strategic Positioning

Getting a good place that’s close to useful things needs knowing your spot and understanding the map. Here are the few scenarios that depict the understanding strategic positioning:

  • Avoid open fields
  • Always use cover
  • Go for higher ground

4. Adjust Sensitivity Settings

Many gamers like to copy and use the sensitivity settings of professionals in Call of Duty Mobile. But, remember everyone has a special level of feeling. Go to Setting > Sensitivity Setting > MP mode/BR mode, and change the options so they are easy for you. These will help you a lot with your ability to shoot.

5. Practice

Once you set your feeling levels, make sure to try the practice ways in the game too. Practicing varies with the type of game. For Multiplayer, go to the game mode choice and pick practice. You can pick from training mode with points, boot camp, playing alone on maps for learning and Practice against AI. In battle royale, when looking at the map pick BR Training Ground to begin learning how.

6. Know the Scopes and Attachment

In the Call of Duty Mobile game, guns have various accessories and optical tools. These change how well they work and you need to know the different types that you can use. Once attached, it’s important to see how it affects your gun’s precision and distance on hitting targets. You can also decide the range for various types of guns before you start a game.


Finally, Call of Duty is a well-liked game where you quickly shoot. It needs care, planning and teamwork to play it right. It gives different types of game styles, maps and guns to keep people interested and tested. By using the advice and shortcuts given before, people can better play their game. This will help them win more often. Whether you like to game just for fun or play to win, Call of Duty gives a thrilling and absorbing gaming adventure like in Cleopatra and Okada Casino. So get your game pad, go into the fight and have a good time!